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Seal Technologies Co was founded in 2005 with sole objective of lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of computing systems by utilizing a computer's computing power to it's maximum potential. Technology has grown so fast and so advanced that on an average on any given day a user is not utilizing more than 2% of a computer's total processing power. With a view to utilize this balance 98% of the processing power, Seal Technologies Co was founded. Since those days, Seal Technologies Co has come a long way from manufacturing the humble thin client card to Linux and Windows embedded thin clients with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 embedded systems and Mini PCs with Windows 7 / 10 Professional.

Today, Seal Technologies Co, boasts of an enviable customer list - banks and other financial institutions, corporates, educational institutions, health care providers, manufacturing companies. You name the vertical, we shall have a customer in it.

Seal Technologies Co, has a team of champions in their respective fields - be it Linux deployment or Windows deployment, domain and active directory services, Linux based mail servers firewalls, storage systems, internet servers, etc.

What Our Clients Say

  • It has been more than one month since we have started using Thin Client System provided by M/s Seal Technologies. We are happy with the services provided by them and recommend this technology for people having multiple computers.

    Chirag A S